Our Friends at Levis Innovations will be coming out with some Epic Products to make your next Hunting                       Adventure Easier and more Enjoyable - Stay Tuned  for Levis...Coming Soon

​​​​​​​ Rut and River Pursuits is more than just a fun podcast. Our journey started over a decade ago. We have made a lot of friends and worked with a number of industry professionals. The Heart of Rut and River Pursuits is our Podcast, but it was R2's creative team that started it all in photography, videography, product reviews, and much more... R2 Pursuits creative team specializes in new and fun ideas to help market your product or brand. Our Sonic Campfire Podcast reaches listeners from North America, Europe, Canada, and Austraila. Our fanbase and brotherhood continues to grow with every connection we make. This wheel of attraction was set in motion to bridge the gap between our industry insiders and our fans, friends, and family.

We invite you to contact us if you have and idea or are in need of a creative bump to attract attention to your passion. We want You to join us around the Sonic Campfire and tell your Epic Stories.