Will Meiser



   Kyle... If there is such a thing as a tree hugging stick thrower, he's it. Kyle's archery hunting is legendary. Combined with a passion for filming he spends more time afield than most of the animals in the woods. Although he is on the shorter side, his big heart makes up for it. Brilliant and full of ideas, his upbeat personality keeps us R2 guys on are toes to keep up. 





Phil B.  ( Uncle Buck )

Ryan Madara

   Catfish... Simple and easy to please, just being in the Outdoors is all he needs. R2 rutneck with an addiction for Hunting and Fishing. Give him a corndog and a beer, and sit back for some of the Best Epic Campfire Stories on the Planet. His truck is a rolling hunting and fishing camp, and he doesn't slow down much.  

Sleep is overrated for this the big guy. 

Shawn Holsinger


  Shawn... A spiritual woodsman 

with a passion for wading the streams. His fly tying skills are second to none, and he loves

 teaching his craft on his youtube channel. He is always ready to help out everyone with his signature smile of his face. A great friend,    and An Outdoor Gentelmen...

           One of the last of his kind.


David Kile 

   Phil... or R2 Buck, or The Blind Sharman as we know him. Wether we're in the duck blind or on his boat, R2 Buck is always trying to analyze anyone around to help them in every way he can. A true hero of the heart, he only wants one thing in life... for others to be happy. As the newest hunter in our group there is no doubt he loves the outdoors as much as he does people. Loyal to the bone, and a true angel stuck on earth...

           Proud to call him Brother 


   Will... our groups leader and brain child of R2. His passions for new adventures takes him all over the country. R2 engineer and Podcast editor, with a drive to grow our Brotherhood through new epic like-minded people that love the outdoors as much as he does. Epic is Will Meiser

                   A better friend  ?

      ....there's not one out there. 


   Ryan... The years of perfecting tuning bows, hunting whitetails with family, trout fishing the great steams of PA, and protecting our great nation in the Military have all been turned upside down by his brothers here at R2. With newly opened eyes to Kayak fishing, wetwading the Susky and surf fishing... not only Ryan but his family have all become addicts to these new adventures. Whatever Ryan begins doing, watch out, he normal excels past his preceptor and quickly becomes the veteran. Funny as a new dog that just discovered his tail, Ryan is the witty internal strength of R2

Kyle Parkins

  Dave ... or DK. as we know him. From the inside looking out, DK is always on adventure alert. Born to be outside and with a drive to excel at everything he does, DK inspires us to push more limits to keep up with his Passions. From making deer soap, to smashing ducks, and cooking up a storm, he truly is a modern Renaissance man.

A true walk off the path type of guy... but always looking ahead to help his Brothers step towards their goals. 

Steve Meiser


   Steve... fish, fish, fish, and more fishing !!! Not a Passion or an Obsession, but more of a lack of interest in anything else. Steve's skills in organization excels R2 ahead, and his creative ideas are amazing considering he comes up with them while thinking about fishing. A true master of the rod and reel, with the excitement of child on christmas morning every time we head towards water.